July 1st, 2017

To All Park Residents:

Attached are several subjects to be addressed with this park communication. We are trying to coordinate this
exchange in a single request to streamline the process. Thank you for your cooperation.

The SEPTIC CHEMICAL has been distributed to the resident making the application.
The SEPTIC CHEMICAL amount due & payment return slip is attached.
The ANNUAL EMERGENCY UPDATE form is attached for each resident to complete & return.

Thank you in advance for your response to this communication.


1.  WELCOME NEW HOME OWNERS – We would like to WELCOME OUR NEWEST RESIDENTS         to Timberlake
Village who have purchased homes to our community

2. HOMES FOR SALE IN THE PARK…The following homes are currently for sale in the park.  
        Weekender Homes
              94 Blue Jay Lane – 2nd row - 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom @ $ 14,900 has 24’ slip option w/6000lb lift.
          20 Blue Jay Lane – 2nd row – 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom @ $ 18,500 has 24’ slip option w/6000lb lift.
              58 Quail Court – 3rd row – 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom @ 14,900.
          Full-Time Homes
              67 Old Cabin Lane – 5th row – 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom @ 35,000 – has 20’ boat slip option.

3. Bank Transfer – For any park resident who has a Bank of Versailles account you can set up an automatic account
transfer. Using the ACH banking system your monthly space rent will be deposited without a check or any time delay in
receiving payment. If you are interested in this please see Justin for the 1 page form to be given to Bank of Versailles.

4. SEPTIC OPERATION - RESIDENT ADVISORY INFORMATION - All residents should remember that your septic
system is dramatically affected by periods of heavy rain. When the ground becomes water saturated it has a much
more difficult time in trying to absorb the additional water loads placed upon the system - this can occur from additional
people visiting, dishwashers, clothes washers etc. Resident should attempt to reduce their water discharge into the
septic tank during these periods of heavy rain. It is wise during these situations to put off laundry and spread out
showers to minimize the loading of the system until the ground can absorb more readily. A classic situation - you
cannot put 100 gallons into a container that currently holds 20....precautionary prevention always pays large dividends.

5. RESIDENTS – Thank you to all the residents who make Timberlake Village the best park at Lake of the Ozarks.
Thank you to all of you who remember your part of a community. We greatly appreciate those who go the extra mile to
make their home and this community what it is.

6. STORM SHELTER – YES we had to use it once this year and we still want to remind all of our residents…new &
veteran…of the open availability of the park office in case of a tornado warning! As many of you know from earlier this
year … Justin and Lisa are always ready for park resident arrivals during bad weather conditions – day or night….and
Wilber has been briefed on what to do & has emergency access… if Justin and Lisa are not home….this shelter will
always be available for your safety!

7. PARK ENTRY ROAD- We continue to receive “A plea for help” from those residents whose homes are along the
parks entrance roads … that when your guests come in … please tell them to drive slowly. This is especially a concern
with the dust in the dry months of July/August. But above all – this is the courteous thing to do – as you would want if
you were located along the entry roadways. We know that some of the problems are from those who live further down
the road … but we do in fact have our own offenders – Please try to be part of the solution for this problem. Also
please tell grandkids and guest to stay away from this road on golf carts because of the danger not being seen by
those uncourteous offenders.

8. BOAT SLIP WAIT LIST – If you are currently on the list or desire a slip in the future … you must confirm your needs
to the office. Those needs must include “IN WRITING” the preference of size, location, and lift capable or not. Any
resident who does not confirm their wishes will be considered “no longer interested in a slip” and dropped from the list.

9. PARK’S ANNUAL FISH FRY - We will still have the annual fish fry and barbeque. We are still asking any Fisherman
or Fisherwomen to contribute any fish they would like too but understand the time constraints of the fishing months.
We will still have the party as an end of year sendoff but the date and time have not yet been finalized. We still ask
residents to bring a covered dish or dessert.

10. WINTERIZATION FOR FALL OF 2017 – Please remember: First call in’s for winterization will have priority. If
freezing temperatures arrive unexpectedly, Justin can only service 2 homes per day so the schedule can easily fill up.
Don’t forget to make a 3 x 5 card on your refrigerator to schedule in the fall as soon as you know your date to close up
your home. If you want to have your home winterized this fall, you will still be responsible for buying the anti-freeze that
goes in your home. Please contact Justin if you not sure before you buy so that you know how much your home takes
to winterize. You may just leave it in your home and Justin will bill you for just the winterizing process. Please give
advanced notice of when you want your home winterized so Justin can schedule a date to complete your winterization.
11. TRASH DUMPSTERS – All household trash must be bagged and tied to minimize the odor and creature problems.
Items that are not household trash must be disposed of by the resident via other methods. Please do not just throw
anything you want to get rid of in the trash. The waste company and driver have informed us that they will not accept
batteries, paint cans, appliances, and furniture. The drivers do not exit the vehicle and for this reason trash should not
be left next to the dumpster. Also NO cardboard boxes go into the dumpster. Please put them in the burn area and
burn them.

12. BURN AREA – Just to re-iterate the past policies....absolutely no burning is allowed when dry or windy conditions
exist...there are also no burn days issued by the local sunrise fire district which must be observed...and Timberlake
village is a part of this district. Burn pit rules state...burn what you bring to keep the fires smaller, stay with the fire you
start until it is totally burned down to minimal flames. If the pit has a sign stating "closed" - it means closed for placing
additional material in the pit as well as no fires! Please only throw burnable items into the burn area – i.e. no spray
cans or other potentially dangerous items.

13. BOAT TRAILER –  Please remember that residents are responsible for mowing/weed eating under their boat
trailers.–  when the boats are put in during the spring/summer please keep them close together and the same goes for
when they come out in the fall/winter. When your boat comes out this year please contact Justin and he will help you
put your boat in a safe and snug location next to the last boat that came out. We thank you in advance for this as we
have a limited amount of space to fit in all the boats. All residents must place their name on the boat trailer’s
frame/tongue by august 1st, 2017. Any trailer without a name tag will be removed from the park on August 31st, 2017.  

14. DOCK LIGHTS/WATERFRONT LIGHTS : We encourage the use of the dock lights when on the docks. Please
remember to turn the lights back off when leaving the dock. The Park appreciates your cooperation with this issue.
Please do not turn the waterfront lights on and off at the breakers panels.

CHECKS. Remember that one scoop is to go in at the beginning of each month and if you winterize then put in two
before you leave and two when you come back in the summer.

3-4 Johnson/Luking
7-8 Torello/Eslinger
9-10 Grimes/Schmidt  
20-21 Quick/Holloran
35-36 Kaiser/Sandage

17. NOISE LEVEL – We know that everyone likes to have a good time and enjoy themselves when they are at the lake.
Timberlake Village is known for being quiet clean and well maintained and that’s what everyone likes about the park.
Please keep all outside noise levels at a minimum and respect ALL your neighbors and other Timberlake Village
Residents. When conducting work outside/inside with power equipment or any loud construction noises please
remember there are “quiet hours” in the park. The use of profanity/drunken behavior or obnoxious shouting is not
appreciated by anyone.

18. CONSIDER YOUR NEIGHBORS – No matter what it is that you are planning to do in the park. Please CONSIDER
how those actions are going to affect your neighbors and the park. COMMUNICATION WITH THE PARK AND YOUR
NEIGHBORS WILL GO A LONG WAY. It will always benefit you to step back and look at any situation for potential
problems before they occur rather than after.

19. PARK COVENANTS – Please read them if you have not. Also, please do not throw the booklets away; they are
expensive to have printed. We use a large type and booklet format so they can be easily viewed. When you sell a
home either turn them into the park office in advance or bring them to your homes closing and return then.

20. OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS – When having someone in the park doing work on the outside/inside of your home,
contractors are to check in at the office before starting on any projects in the park as a courtesy notification. The
resident is responsible for seeing that their contractors seek and make this contact which will improve communication
and insure everyone’s security.      

21. BOAT INSURANCE UP-DATE INFO REQUIRED AND REQUESTED – Everyone who has a boat on Timberlake
Village property must have a current boat insurance form given to the park by July 30th, 2017

22. PARK’S UPDATED WEB SITE - We continue to improve the park’s web site…. We have google maps, the new
visual moving tour that has audio narration. We are always looking to add photos to the website. To locate the
website….go to www.lakeozarkhomes.biz and click the heading Timberlake Village and take a look! If anyone has good
pictures of residents or wildlife or anything to do with Timberlake Village please send them to my e-mail. A new page
on the website will be created to share these unique and personal “happy times” at Timberlake Village.

23. Facebook – We have started to use social media more to promote the park and homes for sale in the park. If you
would share and like posts related to Timberlake Village it is greatly appreciated. Feel free to add pictures of boating
adventures, park events, and people at the park.   

24. OUTSIDE APPEARANCE/DECKS - The Park has no concern regarding the appearance of the inside of your home,
but the outside and deck areas are a direct reflection of YOU. The decks should be free from clutter and kept in a neat
organized fashion. The park and your neighbors thank you for keeping the park looking great for years to come.

25. RENT BOX REMINDER - Please remember to raise the flag to let the office know you have added something to the

26. GUEST PETS/DOGS : This topic is always covered in the newsletter. I wish we could omit this each year although
the complaints keep coming in about residents who do not adhere to the leash rules and picking up your dogs waste.
We understand that your dog is part of your family, but to your neighbor and others they are not. Please clean up after
your dog and don’t let them do their business in other people’s yard. Dogs are not allowed on the waterfront or the
docks unless they are going out in the boat with you. There are no guest pets allowed in the park. Please adhere to
these rules as set forth in your park covenants.

27. Exceptional recommendation : We are always looking for contractor who are reliable and competent. If you need
repairs, regarding your HVAC (Heating and Cooling) there is one who we can recommend with the highest regards –
MARTIN WHITE HVAC – Martin is prompt and fair in his charges for air conditioner repairs. He has performed work for
residents and had done our personal home A/C for the past several years. We have always been satisfied and
pleased with his performance and professionalism. He can be contacted at 573-374-4357.

28. Compliments Extended to All Residents: The Park has recently received numerous compliments from outside
people who have toured homes for sale this spring. They comment specifically on how home are well cared for and
maintained. They voice their amazements at the overall cleanliness and pride of ownership that it clearly evident in
many homes. They say it is NOT a compliment they extend to other parks and we always make a point to say “we have
some of the best people at the lake” as we know it takes a whole village! Thank you to all who have made upgrades in
painting, deck staining, flower beds and much more. We do sincerely appreciate and truly believer that Timberlake
Village is one best parks at Lake of the Ozarks.