FULL TIME & PART TIME - The park was purchased from the original developer many years ago. The park was set up with TWO mobile
homes sharing a septic tank/lateral field system. The original developer designated one home as the primary home with  
around occupancy - these homes are typically the larger, newer and higher priced homes...some mobile home owners actually live there,
others are snow birds and some just come to the lake for 2-3 weeks at a time -
FULL TIME is not restricted on TIME or LENGTH of

The other home that is paired up on that same shared septic system...the original park developer / owner designated as the
WEEKENDER TYPE of site. The original developer set up this format/occupancy with several things in mind....not overloading the septic
system, a bit more privacy for the full time spot, and also an advantage for the
PART TIME - WEEKENDER in that there is someone close
that helps keep an eye on the adjacent home. The weekender homes have been used primarily for 20+ years by people who want a place at
the lake and don't want to spend $100,000 + that a lake front home would cost. They don't want the care of docks/slip, water systems, trash
service roads and such. There are some limitations.
PART TIME - WEEKENDER homes are limited to a maximum length stay of ONE
WEEK,  which must be followed by the same length of time as "unoccupied".

The park is open year around and is NOT seasonal....we have some
PART TIME - WEEKENDER who come almost every Fri-Sat-Sun...and
then go back to the city...which is fine as the unoccupied mobile during the weekdays fully satisfy the "vacant time" aspect...the lease states
50-50 for basis of "occupied & vacant"...Basically a septic system can accept a heavier load and then has a period of time to rest. Some of our
part-timers are avid fishermen....they like to come on Mondays when the lake is much quieter and they fish during the week and head home
and are not at their lake mobile on the weekends....
so when we say WEEKENDER...it really means just PART TIME. It is most easily looked
at as a (50% Occupied) (50%-Vacant) overall. No co-ordination is required with the other home owner on the same system...just common
sense when using any shared resource...if the neighbor has company and you do also...then prudent use of the septic system is just simply
"wise"...Many tanks in the park have been upgraded to the newer larger types...but the fact still remains...it is not wise to try and put 10
pounds in a 5 pound bag. We have an educational info sheet of (do and don'ts) for those who are unfamiliar with septic systems. We have
experienced very few problems and we believe the original developer had some good ideas...so the Park has maintained this format...the
homes have been bought and sold over the years under this same philosophy as it has many advantages for all concerned.

The home CAN be used by IMMEDIATE FAMILY - you & your children...but we do not allow the home to be used or turned over to
relatives, friends, business associates etc...the people in the park have always liked this point in that they know who is around and that there
is no "revolving door" which is also one of the reasons the Park has never had any issues with vandalism, theft etc. Yes...your adult children
can come down to the park by themselves...we always ask that they first come with you, learn the ropes-ins/outs of the park, neighbors
etc...makes for good harmony and then afterwards providing they are respectful of others...it is no problem for them to come when you are
not at the park. We have had a few issues over the years in this aspect as you might expect...but the kids either earn their way or burn their
own bridges...first with the direct/surrounding neighbors and eventually with the park management/ownership. Some of our people come to
the lake and they arrive and spend most of the time out on the lake...come home to sleep, some come for peace and quiet - keep to
themselves...and others love to socialize and such. Each to their own priorities...but we have a very good overall group of people...and always
have! This is one of the important attributes of Timberlake Village! If you are looking for a place to party, be loud and obnoxious, then
Timberlake Village is NOT the place for you!

Occupancy is limited to a max. of 6 in one home at any one time. We do have park covenants, which many like as this keeps the park
consistent, clean and prevents the park from slipping into the condition that most people envision of "mobile home parks". We welcome you
to visit with our park residents...they recommend our park and many are VERY PROUD of where they live...and it shows in the upkeep and
condition of their homes, and the park in total.

The individual owner of a home is responsible for their own home's care and appx. 20 feet around the perimeter...flowers, trees, grass etc. We
have many mobile home owners that contract this maintenance (grass mowing, weed eating, and fall leaf clean up) to one two options.
1. We have a retired master plumber who was originally part-time and then moved to the park full time...who is very helpful...who still does
plumbing and enjoys the outdoor work also...and does great work for very fair prices. 2. Also...Justin - the ON-SITE Park Manager has many
yards which he takes care of as needed. We don't water the grass....so Justin mows/trims only as needed and charges only for the work
actually completed. Some of the residents just want to come to the lake and just play, others are physically not able to do the work. Some also
do the yard work themselves...so this is a mixed bag regarding yard mantiance...but it works out for the benefit of all as the park is VERY
WELL cared for by many. All the common areas like waterfront, docks, roads etc. are all taken care of by the Park-Justin. The park is also in
a NO WAKE cove which makes it great for boat care - no big waves to damage boats plus we have a concrete swim dock in the back area of
cove for safety of swimming and grandchildren. The Park has level ground - good for walking and enjoying the deer & turkey we often
see...the Park is not on a cliff side as much of the lake can be and our residents really like the flat terrain. 70% of our residents have golf
carts for transportation to/from boat docks, trash container, or just to socialize. Some of our boat slips are tied to specific homes because of
lift ownership, some slips are lift cabable...others are not, we have 20' and 24' sizes...all covered, "properly electrified, tested monthly and
GFI protected"...this has recently become an issue at Lake of the Ozarks. As you may have heard...some out there just don't do things
correctly ... unfortunately. Our motto has always been..."if it is worth doing...it is worth doing RIGHT!" We also have our own boat launching
ramp and open field storage for boats/trailers in the off season. There are also 2 marinas close by...2 coves over...but only 1/4 mile away by
road...so they are close for inside storage of boats during the winter, gas and repairs. These marinas also have those bigger boat slips if
needed...good advantages to have so close.

Homes typically sell for a bit more in this park based on our location-quiet side with great boating around the 40-45MM, but close enough to
the main intersection of the Big Niangua - Osage - Linn Creek so you can boat in any direction. The Park's location is only about 2 miles by
car to Laurie, Missouri - a small town that has multiple grocery stores, lumber, doctors, dentists, movie theater, Elks, Lions, American
Legion, a bunch of good local restaurants and more. There are also good restaurants by boat...several within 1-4 miles...again...the residents
of the park think that this is a great feature...location is ideal by both boat and car.

Leases are standard...but we have never put limits (short or long) as many residents...full or part-time are here for long terms...we have some
who have been here for 20+ years, some who come for short duration and end up selling their weekender place to buy a full time home and
retire at the park. They come because they want a reasonably priced option with good location and a better clientele than what is usually
experienced at mobile home parks in general. We allow small dogs...on a leash....but do not allow large dogs...something our residents have
requested many years back and we have accommodated.

The Park acts as representative for the residents when a home is place for sale. Most residents often don't want to deal with  all the
marketing or selling aspects....we have a web site, post homes for sale on other web sites, show the homes in person and also assist in transfer
via an approved purchase agreement, included/excluded inventory, inspections by good local reliable companies & pro-ration of taxes
(personal) which are very low. Another plus we like to mention...many people don't know this fact...there is NO Missouri sale tax on
secondary sales of mobile homes...as you would pay when buying a boat or car...So this is a savings of around $500 on a 10K home or $1000 on

We do ask that you make an appointment in advance...and you can tour any of the homes that may fit your needs of size & price.
At that time we will be happy to answer any of your additional questions regarding Timberlake Village.

                                          JUSTIN - PARK MANAGER................ 573-207-0351